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v0.5 (05/06/2016)
** User **
** Dev **
** Bugs **
Some robots doesn't set referer when they try to add comment
v0.4 (22/05/2016)
** User **
Redirect user to comment when it's added and not to begining of page
Enable code coloration support with Markdown syntax
Add article inclusion
Add autofocus to login page
Sort tags by name
Add generation duration time
Add fail2ban filter
** Dev **
Support Django 1.8
Enhance cache post content (avoid recomputing md5sum if present)
Add post only generation (for Dev)
** Bugs **
Always update modification date when post/draft is saved
Draft were not remove from _draft directory when moving to Post
v0.3 (13/11/2014)
** User **
Add draft support
Add dyn:first_page_only : subtree will only appears in first page
Add dyn:ljdc_last : last "les joies du code" image
Add dyn:comments_count
Add dyn:category_name
** Dev **
Add FileOutputCache : md5 cache in database avoiding disk read operation
Do things in a more python way
** Bugs **
Posts set to non published were not removed during re generation
Can't create categories and tags
Recursively create directories
v0.2 (27/04/2014)
** User **
Add dyn:post_url and dyn:post_full_url for replace directive (doesn't prepend http://)
Update TinyMCE to version 3.5.10
Add Mardown support (with custom commands)
Add all posts generators
Set default font size to 14 for TinyMCE
Allow to reference comments with #comment_number
Add a favicon
Add post search to Dynastie
A base template can now contains multiple blocks
Add a generator for "lesjoiesducode.fr" (previously parsed by a PERL script)
** Dev **
Add coding information in all py files
Add HTML5 markup and a favicon for blog.soutade.fr
Add ChangeLog
Simplify archive generation code
Trim comments before saving
** Bugs **
Escape double quotes in metas tag
Replace line returns by <br /> for comments
Archive geenration was broken for tags
Returns to first page when adding a post