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v0.7 (18/02/2018)
v0.7 (11/03/2018)
** User **
Set background calendar color to red or yellow when one account is negative or less than 200€ (configurable)
Add start date and end date for accounts, so don't need to hide it when it's closed
@ -6,11 +6,13 @@ v0.7 (18/02/2018)
Operation modification now taken in account for Stats Panel
Resize rows to content at startup
Set default month to december for year != cur year (avoid new year bug)
New Windows build !
** Dev **
Qt5 migration done !
StatsPanel code reworked, removing some bugs
Do not reload current panel when a modification is done, but reload other ones
Add Visual Studio project files
** Bugs **
Bug in expression parser, negative mark before parenthesis considered as positive.