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v0.7 (01/11/2017)
v0.7 (06/01/2018)
** User **
Set background calendar color to red or yellow when one account is negative or less than 200€ (configurable)
Add start date and end date for accounts, so don't need to hide it when it's closed
Remove some unused blank spaces in GUI
Operation modification now taken in account for Stats Panel
Resize rows to content at startup
Set default month to december for year != cur year (avoid new year bug)
** Dev **
Qt5 migration done !
@ -20,6 +21,7 @@ v0.7 (01/11/2017)
Default month selection should now be correct
Amount in SearchBanner were badly set (missing *100)
Prevent integer overflow when computing percents in CostRepartitionBanner
Fix some bugs in yearTo selection & fill in GenerateDialog
v0.6 (08/10/2016)
** User **