Grégory Soutadé 521596abd5 Update TODO
Add Documentation
Add KissCount URL into about
Add Fix, non fix, both criteria into search
Fix a bug (modifying language and go to another panel than main)
2010-10-30 20:52:53 +02:00

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Version 0.1
Statistics (need to add months/years label on graph)
Auto completion (already up into wxwidgets 2.9)
Using tabulation to navigate throw interface (Search Panel)
Improve Scrolled Windows and widgets placement
Can type a letter with a comboboxes
Windows version
Need packaging
Better build system for wxFreeChart (hacked by me)
Cool for 0.1:
Database auto saving at startup
Use caches for created panels (avoid destroying/creating panels for nothing)
Add search function to web view
Need optimizations by caching operations and categories
Next version
More translations
Import/Export module
Printing (maybe in html)
Refactor web view code
Plugins ?
Will not be implemented
Copy and paste
* When we broke a transfert into a meta operation and re create it,
it's not taken in account by UpdateStats