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gPass web browser extension Privacy Policy
## Information we collect ##
The gPass extension collect three information once invoked :
* Site address URL
* Login name
* Master key
## How we use information we collect ##
Once collected, site address and login name are encrypted by a derived version of your master key.
It's then sent to the server (password server) you configured in extension configuration page for comparison.
This server has been set up by the user himself (recommended) or by a provider he trust in.
The database that the server access to do comparisons only contains the crypted
version of your information. They are never decrypted in the server side.
If a comparison match, the real password is sent back to your extension were
it's unencrypted using the same key (derived masterkey).
Finally, the application context is cleared and nothing is kept in memory
nor written anywhere.
## Accessing and updating your personal information ##
As a user, you can add, edit and delete your ciphered information through
the web interface of the password server.
During these operations, no clear information is sent to the server.
## Information we share ##
Nothing is shared with anyone. Nor on extension side, nor on server side.
## Information security ##
Information transmitted to the server are done through an HTTPS AJAX request.
Data are encrypted using AES 256 CBC algorithm and the master key is prior
derived using PKBDF2 algorithm.